Ron Berman

Born:  Chicago, IL (1953)                 

Ron Berman received his B.F.A. from California College of the Arts in 1976.

He continued his art education in Japan, studying painting and ceramic art from 1976-1978. In the late 1990’s Ron, a sculptor since his youth, began to change the focus of his work.  He became increasingly interested in combining traditional sculptural techniques with painting.  This desire led him to study painting at the School of Art Institute of Chicago from 2001 to 2004.  Most recently, he has studied painting at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, CO from 2007 to 2012 with distinguished visiting artists and faculty including Julie Mehretu, Jane Hammond, and Fred Tomaselli.



Categorical blurring of the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and drawing

  contributes to the sensation of dynamic instability that Berman’s works explore.”

                                                               Lawrence Rinder, Dean of California College of the Arts (2007)



      California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA  B.F.A. (1976)

      IIT Chicago Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL  J.D. (1987)

      School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2002-04)

      Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO (2006-2012)




     Points of Light, group exhibition at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village,     

     CO (2011)


     Contemporary Collage, group exhibition at Anderson Ranch Arts Center,

     Snowmass Village, CO  (2008)


    Old new, borrowed blue, group exhibition at Links For International Promotion   

    of the Arts (LIPA) Gallery, Chicago, IL (2005)


     All Passes—Art Alone Endures, 13th Annual Fine Arts Building Artist in    

     Residence Group Exhibition, Chicago, IL (2005)


     Open Studio Event, exhibit held in conjunction with the City of Chicago, IL

     Sponsored by “Chicago’s Artists’ Month”, Chicago, IL (2004)


    Embrace Art in Chicago, an event held in conjunction with Chicago    

    Department of Cultural Affairs, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL (2004)


    Open Studio Event, exhibit for Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago North 

    Side Affiliates, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL (2004)


    Open Studio Event, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL (2004)


My work is about how things fit together and then don’t anymore.  Searching for

association, relationship, alteration and transformation, I pull out fragments of

the world arrayed across sequences in time and intervals in space.  By weaving

them together, I create a visual language where the process becomes the work

and the work becomes the process. 


I explore how changes in meaning and association evolve in response to the

intervention of time, place, thought and culture.  Layers of marks, materials,

surfaces, images and ideas are used to record, connect and resolve.

Material choice and usage, subject matter, and spatial placement are left open

as connective pathways emerge from association.


Without the constraints of a preconceived format, I develop my ideas in response

to the process of abstraction.  As the subject and composition merge into a

unified whole, I set the ground for discoveries of new possibilities.